“Made in Italy”. For me, it’s not just a label. It means that the pieces I create are not just fashion items, but eternal garments inspired by the extraordinary beauty of Italy. Influenced by the fine artistry of legendary Italian tailoring, I combine this craft heritage with a unique, modern vision to create beautiful and timeless elegance.

Alessandro Albanese



Finding your personal style is about much more than the highest price tag. It takes time, attention and the right advice coming with experience. Exactly what fully customized, made to measure pieces are all about, created with the attention to detail, the carefully chosen cut and tailoring that makes a piece unique and flawless for its owner.
At ALE, we believe in made to measure as an experience, building on two crucial pillars. Firstly, it is always about the body shape and personality of the future owner. Measurements and consultations make sure that the final piece acts as a unique trademark for its wearer. Secondly, it is Alessandro’s character and styling advice that makes sure the masterpieces present their owner in the best light possible. As a personal stylist, he doesn’t only tailor you a flawless suit, but also gives you the know-how of how to wear it best.


For ALE, the process of handcrafting is about uncompromised quality and thorough detail. It starts with a series of consultations to understand the client needs. Then, the accurate “misure” (measurements) are taken to determine the exact fit, comfort, and overall look of the suit. Next, the right Italian fabric of superior quality is chosen and sent to the outskirts of Torino, where Alessandro’s team of experienced tailors cut and craft the final piece in their historically authentic “bottega” (workshop).




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